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DIY "Modern Meets Old World" Pottery Barn Inspired Master Bedroom Makeover - Part 1

Changing up the FIRST area of our master bedroom with modern lines, old finishes, and inspiration from Pottery Barn!

Friends! I'm so excited to share Phase 1 of our master refresh!

We have a great sized bedroom and really like the space, but hadn't put much time into making it "our own" since moving in 3.5 years ago.

But now the first wall is complete after spending a week to crank it out! Yes, it took about a week, and luckily my husband took a week off for the girls' spring break so we could work when we weren't doing fun activities with the kiddos.

Here is the BEFORE of the vanity wall

Another BEFORE. Please excuse the mess, but I wanted you to see the three wood doors together (hollow closet door on the left):

It wasn't too bad, but I really wanted a different feel in here and to tackle some things we had yet to do since moving in!

Part 1 Task List

Here are the things I wanted to do with this space:

  • "Fix" the original plain hollow closet door. And by fix, I mean make it not look like a plain, hollow door ha! *I think you'll like the $25 adjustment we made to it!

  • Update the hardware of the 3 doors with black spray paint

  • Add a feature wall - I wanted the vanity wall to be able to be substantial enough to "hang" with the oversized headboard we made and the barn door wall, since they are such big statements in the room. *Faux brick wasn't initially on my radar but am so happy with how it turned out!

  • Switch out the cute dainty white Goodwill vanity for a more modern, but still cute, and still small, vanity.

  • Switch out the chunky metal chalk painted mirror for an "antique" but streamlined mirror.

  • And finally, make sure all these changes reflect the "refreshed" master bathroom that is on this wall. You can read a little about that here.


I first looked to the master bathroom that we affordably redid a couple years ago that sits to the right of my makeup vanity - you can read a little more about the master bath here - because I really like the combo of woods, whites, dark metals, and bold paint (floor):

And then, because I scored a Pottery Barn chandelier on a second hand site recently, I turned to Pottery Barn to find very similar items as to what I was using! Pottery Barn always does such a good job mixing OLD and NEW and that is what I wanted to create - a space of old, collected items but with cleaner, more sleek shapes.

Here are the images I used for inspo while completing this phase:

The brick wall and leather couch along with the modern coffee table and lounge chairs caught my eye. It exemplifies the NEW/OLD theme I was going for in our bedroom:

This image below also has a light textured wall that looks like it's been around awhile and then the wood desk with the crisp white chair create such a great combo:

And another chair with a wood desk caught my eye:

Vanity Wall Mood Board

Next I created a mood board to make sure the look was cohesive and would go with the rest of the room.

Since I like so many styles, and am super indecisive because I like so many styles haha, it helped me to keep these images in mind while refreshing the space. AND it took me a LOT longer to decide on what chair to use and what color to paint the mirror and closet door than I'd like to admit! ;) I even tried a couple combos before figuring out that this one was the best!

Okay, so are you ready to see the completed first part of the MODERN MEETS OLD WORLD master bedroom???!!!

Remember the before - *note the orange closet door and brass hardware to the left, gray wall paint color, shabby chic white vanity, and chunky mirror:

and now the AFTER:

#fauxbrick #blackshiplap #diy #vanity #masterbedroom #rusticbedroom



#masterbedroom #diy #renovation #fauxbrick #potterybarn
*I tried to hide the headboard wall in the mirror reflection for the second phase reveal :)

What do you think?

Faux brick wall, "shiplapped" closet door, matte black door hardware, thrifted antique small desk with modern legs, more modern mirror with an antique finish, and a space that compliments the master bath to the right... I think I checked off my list!

I am so happy with the results and even though it was a lengthy process, I think it was well worth it!

Let me know if you'd like me to share HOW I achieved this look and I'd be happy to post!

Pin the image below to save for inspiration later!


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