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Client Bedroom Makeover - Black Painted Ceiling

A BOLD bedroom makeover with a dark ceiling that's both sophisticated and cozy!

Last summer, our dear friends (and next door neighbors) asked me to design their bedroom and gave me free range to do whatever I wanted, haha, a designer's dream come true!

The one thing they had previously bought was their duvet cover and shams.

This is their beautiful denim colored linen bedding (the Goa duvet from RH)-

So pretty, right?

This bedroom makeover was a MAJOR overhaul project where everything was replaced.

Here is a look at the BEFORE. Their bed and dresser set were about 15 years old but still in nice shape. They considered painting them to re-use but decided to go a different route (excuse the mess, my friends would say, but they were already starting to move out of here to begin the makeover) -

The Design Goal -

To create a sophisticated and rustic cozy retreat to relax and unwind in at the end of the day.

Design Suggestions -

Because the room is a large size at 14' x 18', I suggested a dark ceiling to make the walls feel a little "closer" and therefore almost stopping the eye from continuing on past the window on the south wall. Contrast the dark ceiling with my favorite white paint and bringing in new white curtains up to the ceiling to let the windows shine. Place a larger rug under the bed and add in ample seating like a bench at the foot of the bed and a chair or two to read in or accommodate family tv nights.

*Note - the ceilings upstairs in their 60s house are about 7.5' tall, not a true 8'.

And remember how I said my friends gave me total control over decisions?

Well, I knew it was a risk that painting the ceiling dark might make the room feel shorter - and I had to convince my friends that it was a good idea because at first, they weren't sold - but I thought that with the white walls and the white baseboard trim, it could give off a very "GRAND" appearance.

And I think it was the right call (my friends agree as well ;)).

It now makes such a sophisticated and cool statement in their room while still being inviting. What do you think?

Here's the AFTER.

I love the 2 foot chandelier they chose. It's such a statement. The gold was out of stock so we bought it in black and then used rub and buff to make it gold. The other gold metal in the room is the large 36" round mirror above the dresser.

Here you can see that I mixed two metals, gold and black. The black handles on the dresser and the curtain rods go together.

And in the seating area, the floor lamp is also a black metal -

I wanted there to be a little bit of blue in the room to coordinate with the denim duvet, and found a piece of artwork from homegoods for the sitting area wall.

You can also see the amazing barn doors they hung to the right that leads into the dressing room and bathroom that were both renovated as well (should I post about those makeovers?) -

Everything is so fresh and bright!

The black nightstands anchor the white walls and window treatments. And the wood bench and dresser make the room feel warm and compliment their hardwood floors nicely.

And we finished the room off with an olive tree to add height to the corner -


The walls and trim are Sherwin Williams Pure White.

The ceiling is Sherwin Williams Peppercorn.

  • King Size Bed - Pottery Barn no longer carries this but these are very similar - bed 1, bed 2, bed 3, bed 4

  • 9 x 12 rug - theirs is the Oregon, I like the Portland, too.

  • Nightstands - these go in and out of stock here and there, but similar ones here and here, here and here.

  • Ceiling light - in black here and here.

  • Bench - out of stock but similar here.

  • Chairs - here and also here

  • Dresser - actually in stock here.

  • 36" Round Mirror - here and another brand in 34" here

  • Lamps - these PB dupes I found on clearance at Walmart but are no longer available - similar style here, and here, Pottery Barn here.

  • Curtains - here.

  • Tree - here and another size here.

  • Floor lamp - here and similar here.

  • Artwork - found at Homegoods; similar here and prints here and here.

  • Accessories like trays, candles, baskets, and small side table were found at Homegoods.

And lastly, I found a few similar denim linen duvet covers to their Restoration Hardware ones (at less than half the cost) if you're in the market for something similar to theirs shown below- here, here, and here.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of this bedroom makeover! It was a blast picking out and shopping for every last detail, and my friends were good sports to let me go with the bold paint decision, haha!

Is it something you would try? Let me know!

Thanks for stopping by and may you have a blessed spring season.

If you purchase anything through my links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support, friends!


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