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hello friends


"Love begins at home..." St. Teresa of Calcutta 


Thank you so much for stoping by! 

I'm Sarah - an Indianapolis native who lives in a 1960s fixer upper with my husband, four young kids, and two ragamuffin cats, Tia and Lottie (these recent additions have turned me into a cat lady)! My Catholic faith is really important to me and our little family and I really believe in the importance of trying to create a "domestic church" within our home.  Celebrating saint feast days, family rosary, and nightly prayers are as important to us as creating a well loved home. 

I've been wanting to start a blog after moving into our fixer upper a few years ago as a resource for you friends to access budget friendly tips and tricks I've learned along the way!

My love for home started at a very young age because my mom made birthdays and holidays special by decorating the house; and then later on, she always had a warm and welcoming house to come back to during the college and traveling years.  I loved coming home and knew I wanted to create that same feeling for my future family and all those who are under our roof.  All roads lead to home is one of my favorite mottos! 

I grew up in a house that was always being worked on.  My parents also designed office space for clients and so talk of lighting, paint colors, wood tones, seating, artwork, etc. were always the norm and I learned a lot from them! 


I've been fortunate enough to travel around our beautiful country and abroad and lived in multiple places before getting married in my 30s and settling here in Indy. I loved creating a comfortable and inviting home no matter where I was!  

As far as decorating and design, I really like so many styles and am all about mixing old and new on a budget as best I can!  Here are the styles I feel most at home in:

1. Rustic Farmhouse - My dad's favorite place to visit when he was little was his grandparent's farm - and so the worn, chippy, vintage, antique style of a Midwestern farm has my heart.  

2. Clean Southwestern - My mom grew up in Arizona - and the amazing smells and views the dessert, cacti, mountains, and red rocks bring back so many good memories of visiting and falling in love with the southwest. 

3. Laid-back Scandinavian - Going to school in Denver and "playing in the open air" there made me fall in love with the relaxed environment and natural elements of the state of Colorado.  The sophisticated neutrals, shimmering metallics, and reclaimed wood all found in nature and the Scandinavian style (and Ikea!) are some of my favorites to use in our home.   

4. New England Cottage - And then living in Massachusetts and Rhode Island for 5 years allowed me to fall in love with the historic and always classic New England coastal style! 

That's it for now!  I hope to learn more about you all as well. 

I'm so glad you stopped by and hope you find some inspiration here and return for resources and budget tips!





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