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DIY King Sized Headboard with Peel and Stick Tile

Make a statement with a DIY king sized headboard using 12' x 12' floor tiles!

When it came to our master bedroom makeover, I wanted to create a unique headboard that I hadn't seen before.

I've also been wanting to add a more modern and southwestern style flare to our bedroom and the idea to use TILE to create a one of a kind headboard popped into my head!

I knew that real tile with mortar and grout would be pretty heavy so I instantly turned to my favorite peel and stick wallpaper company - Wallpops - who carry #floorpops peel and stick floor tile that I've been wanting to try and thought would be perfect!

Wallpops' Medina Peel and Stick Floor Tiles is what takes center stage in this DIY project and am thrilled to report that it turned out exactly how I'd hoped!

This gray and white combo was a no brainer for our house! I just love this tile!!!

As for the construction of the headboard, the simple farmhouse style headboard that's very popular right now looked easy enough to make and would be a great base to use the tile with.

Here are three examples of the style of headboard:


Just to make sure my idea could come to life, I made a quick mock up of the tiles laid out on the headboard:

The overall size of this finished headboard comes out to 82" by 73" tall - a huge statement piece!

This is a simple, beginner level headboard and getting your pieces cut at the store for you means very few tools!

Laying out and configuring pieces

(*note, we used a circular saw for all our cutting and then a table saw to rip pieces but most hardware stores will do it for you at a small cost).

Here are the materials and measurements needed for a king sized headboard with 12" tile inlay:


3 boxes of peel and stick floor tiles, with each tile measuring 12" x 12." I used 3 rows of full tiles and the 4th row of cut tiles (I used a box cutter and it was so easy to cut these the tiles).

***With these exact measurements we are giving you below, 6 tiles fit perfectly across!


Backing -

+ One 4' x 8' sheet of plywood, 1/2" thick, cut to 4' x 80" - this is the actual size of the headboard without the legs (*this could be cut in store if you don't have a circular saw)!

Framing -

+ Two 1" x 4" x 6' pine boards - legs.

+ One 1" x 4" x 6' pine board cut to 60" used for the bottom of the tile inlay

+ One 1" x 6" x 6' pine board for the top of the headboard

+ Two 1" x 1.5" x 6' pine boards for the outside of the legs (We used one 1" x 3" x 6' ripped to 1" x 1.5" with table saw for the outsides of the 1" x 4" boards)

+ One 1" x 2" x 85" piece of cedar (that we had on hand) for top trim piece

+ Four 1/2" x 1/2" strips of pine- two cut at 71" for top and two at 37 3/4" for the sides to frame out the tiles.

- The last part isn't necessary but we added additional trim to lay on top of the tile for a more finished look. You could also buy any small molding or "quarter-round" to trim out the tiles but again, that's a preference.


+ Liquid Nails to adhere the 1" x 4s" and 1" x 6" to the plyboard before screwing in from the back

+ 1" wood screws and screw gun to drill into the back of the plywood to the 1" x 4s" and 1" x 6s"

+ Clamps to set everything correctly before gluing and nailing

+ 1" broad nailer for trim pieces

+ Oscillating sander for some of the rougher edges

+ Stain, paint, sealer

And we couldn't be more thrilled with the final result:

It's just so cool to have something that I've never seen before!

I'll be sharing how we put it together and a full reveal later this week!

Thanks for being here! xoxo, Sarah


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Amancia Kaushal
Amancia Kaushal
14 de mai. de 2023

Can you link the follow up post that shows how to put it together? I’m hoping my husband can take on this project!

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