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Four SUPER Budget Friendly Office Spaces

Sharing 4 home office mood boards with items totaling around $500 (links included!).

Hey friends! As we are refreshing our own office space once again (see ya later, cat litter box, and hello reclaimed closet space and fresh smelling work space)... and because so many of us are working from home or cranking out that school work with the kids, I thought it would be a good idea to collect some ideas for complete office spaces!

Each of the vision boards I created includes these five items - a DESK, CHAIR, RUG, LIGHT, and STORAGE UNIT as in a shelf or cabinet.

Maybe you're looking to fill a wall in a guest room or the corner in the family room? Just a couple of these office items would be great for that too! The nice thing is that there are so many affordable options when it comes to creating a home office - you'll see what I mean...

*Note - beneath each of the boards you'll find the shoppable links and paint colors show in each office.

Office 1: A coastal farmhouse inspired office space.

The Details:

Navy desk. I can't believe this one is sold out since finding it a couple of days ago, dope! ... but this one is a great price at $159 and this smaller navy one at $117. And you all know how much I love me some navy!!!

White desk chair. This one is a screaming deal on sale and comes in 4 colors. $56

Rug. This neutral rug is only $80 for a 6x9' and $50 for a 5'3"x7'6" size! Can't beat it!

Arched floor lamp. This lamp makes a serious statement and comes in four metallic colors as well. Hubba, hubba, yes please! $75

8 Cube shelf. Great storage with some cute bins to hide binders and folders - a win! $75

Total Cost for Office #1 - $410 ... add a couple $13 canvas cube bins and some artwork (20x26 framed for only $40 on sale) or a cork board and you're still under $500 total!

*paint color shown - Sherwin Williams Misty, SW 6232 - a blue/gray lovers dream!

You can shop this mood board by clicking on the images below:

Next up...

Office 2: A moody and bold modern office space.

The Details -

Desk and an almost identical desk, each for $160.

Pink Chair. A fun pop of color with a gold base. $96.

Rug. I loved this colorful rug with a gray background. $87 for a 5'3"x7'7"

Light Fixture. Timeless and modern at the same time. $65.

Gold 5 Shelf. This is the showstopper in the room - and against a bold accent wall, it will really sing! ONLY $130

Total Cost for Office #2 - $538

*paint color shown - Sherwin Williams Cascades, SW 7623 - What a great bold dark green blue color!

You can shop this mood board by clicking on the images below:

Next up...

Office #3: A romantic transitional office space.

The Details -

Desk. And desk and desk and desk (as I'm linking these, a couple keep going in and out of stock, eek! $140-$180

Chair. Faux leather is always a good idea! $69

Rug. This Loloi rug is so popular right now and love it with the leather chair and paint color shown. 5'x7'6" $87 on sale

Chandelier. This 3-light aged brass chandelier steals the show at only $33. The 4-light is $42. Free shipping. WOWZER!

Cabinet. Cutie 6 door cabinet that comes in pink, charcoal, white, and this mint green shown. $125

Total Cost of Office #3 - $481

*paint color shown - Sherwin Williams Natural Linen, SW 9109, a creamy linen color that goes well with the olive/charcoal rug.

You can shop this mood board by clicking on the images below:

And lastly...

Office #4: Chic gold and blush office space.

The Details:

Desk. Does anyone else think of "champagne" when they see the word campaign? No? Just me? ;) This "champagne desk is $170.

Chair. This is a little bit of a splurge at $160 (on sale!), but sometimes a fabric chair on wheels is worth the splurge, right?

Rug. This is the Loloi II Hathaway rug in Java/Multi color and $86 for the 5'x7'6" is a great deal!

3 Tree Floor Lamp. Modern aged brass + multiple lights for multiple work stations! $70

Two toned wood and pink cabinet. $130 Wood and pink = always a hit!

Total cost of office #4: $616 (I told you that chair was a splurge, haha ;))

*paint color shown is Sherwin Williams Pure White, SW 7005, a white that's a tad warmer than extra white (and the white we use in our house).

You can shop this mood board by clicking on each image:

Yea! I hope that helps some of you who'd like to pull together an affordable office space while working or teaching from home! Prayers for you all and your families during this time!

*This post includes affiliate links that make shopping easier but doesn't cost you anything extra! Thanks for your support sweet friends!




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