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Do it yourself sunburst mirror with easy to follow instructions - perfect for summer and beach home decor!

After collecting driftwood on the beaches of Lake Huron, Michigan, for years, I finally made a mirror with all the pieces! And although it was a tad bit time consuming, it was pretty easy to do!

I knew I wanted to make one after seeing the one my mother in law made years ago for their house in Michigan and I finally got my act together this summer!

Here's a close up of my mother in law's mirror and my inspiration:

I really like the tile!

Here's more inspiration and few affordable options to purchase:



Round piece of plywood 

Picture mounting hardware

Round craft mirror

100-150 pieces of driftwood

Spray or construction adhesive 

Hot glue or wood glue

*All materials are linked at the end of the post if you're looking to make your own* 

*I was lucky that I only had to purchase the mirror for this project because I had everything else!


Step 1.) Start with a piece of wood 1/2” - 3/4” thick and about 18-24” round, depending on mirror size, and attach picture mounting hardware to the backside to hang your mirror when complete -

- I was going to trace and cut a circle out of a 1/2" piece of plywood that I had in the garage, but then remembered I had a few ends of an electrical cable spool that were the perfect size-

I also found precut wood discs here and here.

Step 2.) Mount a 14-16” round craft mirror in the center of the wood circle, making sure to leave about 3” of the wood disk leftover to glue the driftwood to.

I marked where I wanted to place the mirror before gluing.

- Careful not to scratch the mirror, I used 3M spray adhesive on both the back of the mirror and wood circle to mount, but construction adhesive would work well to.

Step 3.) Hot glue driftwood pieces to the wood in various widths and lengths.

Apply second layer of sticks to make sure the wood disk isn't showing through. 

- I used 4-10” pieces because I wanted a large finished mirror. 

Step 4.) Hang carefully. 

- Because hot glue isn’t super strong, be careful when hanging up and taking down. I had a few casualties but it was easy enough to reattach those pieces once it was on the wall.  

And there you have it! A simple and easy driftwood mirror, great for beach or summer decor!

PIN the following posters for later:

You can shop all the materials needed to make your own driftwood mirror by clicking on the item below. Scroll right for all items -

Now you're all set to make your own driftwood sunburst mirror! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!


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