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Simple "NO GLUE" Spring Wreath

Easy steps to making an affordable statement wreath this Spring!

Spring Grapevine wreath

My favorite way to inexpensively decorate for a new season is to try and reuse what I already have.

I loved the DIY grapevine wreath I made for above the mantle this past Christmas and so I decided to reuse the wreath and just switch out the greens!

So many of you over on Instagram wanted to try making one too so I thought I'd share what I did here on my first blog post!

This 10 minute tutorial is SO easy and pretty cool to have a one-of-a kind wreath at the end... and did I mention that you don't need glue?!?

Remember this wreath above the Christmas mantle? It was a little wild and whimsical and cheap! Some of you also might remember that I DIDN'T USE ANY GLUE to make it! I had my glue gun out and ready to go but quickly realized it was so much easier and faster to make the wreath without it.

Read on to see what the simple trick was...

And because I didn't glue any of the stems into the Christmas wreath, I was able to take everything out and reuse the wreath.

If you don't already have a wreath, the nice thing is that they are VERY INEXPENSIVE.

Here is an 18" wreath and a 24" wreath - great sizes to make a statement!

What do you need to make a simple NO-GLUE spring wreath?

Supplies for an asymmetrical wreath:

  • Grapevine wreath, any size (I suggest a large, 18 - 24", if you're putting it above a mantle or hutch; smaller if on a door or window) - My wreath is 24"

  • One floral garland of choice - I found a spring one with different flowers and greenery that I liked at Michaels and it was on sale for $12

  • Two types of greenery - I used a non-Christmasy evergreen and some eucalyptus stems that I already had. I also gathered up some other stems from last year in case I wanted to use them. And really, the amount you use is your preference. I just eyeball what I think I'll need. *In this case, it was a couple large sprigs of greens leftover from Christmas and about two eucalyptus stems - love these for $3 each.

  • Wire cutters - any pair will do. I like these for $5

That's it!

How to make a simple spring wreath in less than 10 minutes:

Step 1. Choose a garland with different florals and greenery

Remember you want a mix of floral pieces to put in the wreath. The more varied the garland, the better. *This is a great way to stay on budget because you aren't buying multiple stems of faux flowers and greenery!

You can see the garland I chose below has different flowers, little green berries, blue "spikey" balls, and three different types of greenery - a sure win! You can find this garland here, but there are so many awesome ones for $12-$15 on sale!

*And go ahead and be that person that lays it out on the ground in the store to see if it's what you really want... I'll be the person next to you doing it as well ;)

Step 2. Lay out everything you think you'll want to put in the wreath

I've made the mistake of not doing this and then I end up pulling stems from other parts of the house because I didn't have enough. It also helps to make sure you have a good selection and plenty of fillers.

*As you can see below, I pulled out extra stems I had just in case I needed them. If you don't have extras around the house, you can always buy an arrangement or two and then return what you don't use.

And I had a little color inspo I was working from out on the table... that'd be the pillow, not the cats ;)

Step 3. Cut up the garland with the wire cutters.

***This is the important step to NOT using a glue gun-

Make sure to leave a fair amount of a "stem" on each piece you clip, so that you're easily able to place them in the grapevine. *This is important because too short of flowers won't "stick" in the wreath unless they're glued. Florals with a stem can just be pushed in! If the pieces don't have longer stems, just leave a bit of the garland wire with it like I did below.

This little "pick" has a few florals on it and enough of the garland wire to just stick in -

Also, see below on a good length of a pick to cut - you don't need to measure exactly but anywhere from 3" up to 7" will work!

Then just keep clipping away until the garland is cut up!

Step 4. Place each floral piece in the wreath!

Just push each cut "pick" into the wreath, spreading out colors and lengths. I usually start with the longer pieces so they will fan out on the sides, but you'll just want to keep layering them until it's as full as you'd like.

All the twisty layers of the wreath just hold the floral picks in!

Since I was doing another asymmetrical wreath, I just concentrated on building up the layers on 1/3 of the wreath.

*The fun and easy thing is - there's no right or wrong way to make this - and since you're not using glue, you can take pieces out and rearrange them as many times as you'd like!

I hung it up and felt like it could have used some more blue so I added pieces of a floral stem I had at the end.

Viola! This 10 minute project cost me $12.84 with tax!

Now I just have to decide which direction to hang it... and paint that pesky black curtain rod hardware that the wreath is hanging from!

I seriously want to make one of these every season because it's so easy and affordable and I can switch it up at any time! I also really liked so many of the garland options I saw - ones filled with hydrangeas, roses, eucalyptus... the choices are endless!

Happy decorating for Spring!

And let me know if you make a NO-GLUE WREATH!

*Some affiliate links are included in this post at no cost to you.

Thank you for being here and for supporting my blog!


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