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Simple Decorating Ideas - Texture, Twigs, and Twinkle Lights!

Adding some interest to our homes without spending mucho dinero is what some simple textured elements, tree branches, and a strand of lights can do!

So I know spring is around the corner... okay, okay, we are now in April and I'm just getting around to posting this ... but I thought I'd share what decor has been up at our house this past season because it can work for any time of year (and better late than never, maybe? yikes)! And tomorrow we start getting some decorations out for Easter so stay tuned for that (did I already say better late than never? Eeeek!)

Here are my 3 easy and affordable ideas to decorate with that start with Ts (my four year old, TRIP, would like to see this! ;)) -



I always think that something that's textured means anything that isn't smooth or flat (technical, I know), but it just refers to the surface of something; and I think that the more differentiated surfaces that are grouped together, the more interesting, or in the case of a room, cozy and welcoming, it will feel.

A room filled with flat surfaces only can feel a bit sterile at times and that is why so much of the DIY community adds texture to their homes, espcially when it comes to their walls - like faux brick, wood shiplap, or peel and stick wall paper that's textured (guilty!)!

But you don't always have tackle a wall treatment or spend a lot of money to add a little texture to your room...

Try a pillow with tassels, a flower pot that's bumpy (see, technical over here, mmmmkay?), an old basket on the wall, some jute rope drawn out on a coffee table, a strand of wood beads cascading off a stack of books, a plant or two or six, or even layering a couple things like a mirror and sign above the mantle can bring interest to a "flat surface."

In our living room, we have wood paneling, a black brick fireplace, and a jute rug - that all make up the room's base or "background" that gives the rooms some depth. Building upon that, I added some faux leather pillows, some black and white tassel pillows, some pillows with jute stitching etc.... some wood beads in a pot and in a wood dough bowl; and then I also cut some tall grasses from our flower beds for a couple of vases. Mixing metals and woods, ceramics and glass, woven baskets and furs, etc. all can add texture where you need it - the combos are endless!

*See those hurricane vases on the mantle? I'm sharing how I added a little EASTER coming up tomorrow if you'd like to check back!


On a mild day back in January we went on a hike and there were so many small branches in the woods that I took some home with us! But since we live in a neighborhood with mature trees, I've seen a lot of twigs and branches on our walks especially after a windy or stormy day. You'd be surprised what you can find even if you don't have a tree to trim around your house!

I used a larger branch down in the living room and a smaller one for up in our bedroom.


After Christmas, I always miss the warm glow of the twinkle lights so I made it a point to decorate with a couple strands this year. It's been so nice to have this little bit of glow around and I think it adds a bit of whimsy and fun. I just placed each branch in a terra-cotta pot and wrapped the strand of lights around them as you can see here -

The smaller branch in our room is on my nightstand dresser - and Tia and Lottie cat say hi! -

Keeping it simple with some natural elements, textured textiles ;), and a strand of lights is such a great, budget friendly way to decorate!

Have you used any of these ideas in your home?

Please share!

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Thanks, friends! And I hope you all are doing well! Blessings upon blessings,



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