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How To Paint an Oven Range Hood (Easy Level DIY)

Spray painting a stainless steel hood to change the look of your kitchen!

One of the quick and easy ways we updated our kitchen last month was by spray painting our oven range hood. I know, crazy, right? SPRAY PAINTING A HOOD?!

*If you missed the kitchen makeover list that we tackled in January, you can find it here.

This is what our kitchen range hood looked like before:

Loved it but was ready for a change

SO... Painting our range hood?

The worst thing that could have happened was that we would have had to start from scratch and build a new one over the existing one if spray painting it was a total bust, right?

*I think it's good to note that I wasn't working with a top of the line range hood so I was okay with making a mistake that I knew we could fix if we had to.*

But I was determined to at least try this CHEAPER, EASIER, and FASTER route first!

And like with all good projects, I looked for examples and tips online to start.

But here’s the thing, I searched and searched and searched and searched some more, and only found ONE instance where someone had spray painted their hood (found here.).

This made me even more determined to try it! The fact that other DIY home decor bloggers hadn’t done it but instead built a new hood was definitely a push to see if it could be done. HAHA!

And I’m here to tell you that it can be done!

Steps To Spray Painting a Metal Oven Range Hood -

  1. Remove the hood from the wall.

  2. Clean your hood with some hot water and grease cutting dish soap like Dawn and hope that you don’t find a bug in the process. ;) The under side of ours was disgusting. Yuck!

  3. Remove anything that you don’t want painted like the plastic light covers and grate underneath.

  4. Sand the entire surface with a fine grain sand paper like 220 grit and wipe off dust with microfiber cloth.

  5. Cover everything that isn’t going to be painted with painter’s tape.

  6. Spray evenly with primer. Wait 30 minutes or for the recommended time given in the instructions and prime again (and possibly again) to make sure the entire surface is prepped with primer. I used THIS primer.

  7. Spray paint the color of choice. I used THIS paint. I waited 30 minutes - 1 hour in between each coat and gave it 3 coats. It matches our vintage enamel pendants. Also found here.

  8. Wait a few hours or overnight before putting it back in place. *The longer you wait, the more time it has to cure.

**I also recommend not spray painting in your garage in the middle of winter. LOL!

Here are a few of my favorite inspirational white oven hood kitchens:

I've been wanting to change out the hood for a couple of years and now it looks like a totally different kitchen!



I am so glad it turned out well, and if we ever decide to put a bulkier one up there in a few years, we can! I’m so happy with the results. What do you think?

Feel free to PIN this to use in case you ever want to give it a shot! Big changes on a budget for the win -

I will be sharing the other changes we've made to the kitchen, so stay tuned!

Happy weekend! God bless you and your home!



St. Brigid (who's feast day was this week) Blessing

May Brigid bless the house wherein you dwell.

Bless every fireside, every wall and door.

Bless every heart that beats beneath its roof.

Bless every hand that toils to bring it joy.

Bless every foot that walks its portals through.

May Brigid bless the house that shelters you.

-Saint Brigid of Kildare


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