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Boys Vintage Americana Shared Nursery/Toddler Room Reveal

Sharing how I used some vintage prints, a couple antique decor finds, a red dresser, two navy painted cribs, a few homemade patriotic banners, and of course, an American flag, to create an ALL-AMERICAN BOYS ROOM.

*You can find links to product sources at the end of the post.*

Hey sweet friends! Now that it's July, I thought it would be fun to share the boys' bedroom, pulled together with some painted furniture, vintage items, and patriotic decor.

It's no secret that

1.) we LOVE celebrating the FOURTH OF JULY over here,

and 2.) that I LOVE to use COLOR in our kids' rooms!

Before I go any further, I first want to make a CONFESSION -

Do you see the framed vintage soldier prints on the crib wall?


Gah, I know, I'm crazy, but with two girls in tow, I took a chance and bought these four Fort Mackinac prints for $3 each because I just thought they were so cool!

See, kind of too cool to pass up, right? They are the perfect color combo too!

Vintage Americana prints that I'd hope to use someday... for the win! ;)

Vintage American Prints
Dated 1970. I kept them in the frames they came in, even though they aren't the exact same frames.

One of the biggest impacts in the boys' room is their navy painted crib and toddler bed. Having matching beds ties the room together for sure!

***Let me add that chalk painting those crib bars is not for the faint of heart! Or maybe I should just use a paint sprayer next time... anyways, I think it was worth it!

To bring in more color, I made 3 fabric red, white and blue garlands to hang up, which is always a sweet idea in kid's rooms, but I think they also gives the space a homespun, old fashioned feel, which I was going for.

A small banner also hangs on the round mirror above the changing table:

This little garland might be my favorite because I used strips of old jeans and burlap!

Next, I found an affordable vintage (inspired) schoolhouse light for overhead:

And then we rigged up an old antique farm funnel for the light over the changing table:

This is great for early morning diaper changes when it's still dark out and I don't want to wake up our older son with the overhead light.

And this red Ikea dresser that we've had for 8 years was just asking to be in a little boys' room:

Lastly, what's a Patriotic bedroom without an American Flag hanging on the wall?

(The oldest screamed with delight and started singing "America the Beautiful" when I hung this up above his toddler bed, haha).

Americana decor in boys room
I painted this vintage nightstand and it's a great spot for their books!

And there you have it!

It took some time to complete because so much of it was DIY but we are so happy with it! And one of the great things is that the room can grow with them as they get older because it isn't too "baby specific" (unless I get the itch to switch in a couple years, heehee).

Here's a run-through again of what all I did to create this look and the links to sources where applicable:

  • I painted the crib and toddler bed the same color - homemade chalk paint with the color Naval, by Sherwin Williams.

  • I bought curtains that they wouldn't grow out of - bold navy and white stripes that are always classic and I like them too! Linked here.

  • I had made a few 4th of July banners a few years ago and knew that I could use them in here. Here's one option, a second, and third.

  • I found a set of 50 year old red, white, and blue Fort Mackinac soldier prints to use. Here's a few similar ones linked - one set, another set, or just search Etsy for American soldier prints because there are some great ones over there.

  • I had a red Ikea dresser from 8 years ago and it also serves as the changing table. Here's a good option. But if you already have a dresser, I'd recommend using this new red chalk paint!

  • I found a vintage nightstand for $10 and painted it in dark gray. This is a similar option or if you have a nightstand, here's the charcoal color I used.

  • I bought this affordable vintage schoolhouse light. Linked here. This one is also super affordable at $25.

  • We made a pendant light out of an antique funnel similar to this one.

  • We layered an old cowhide we had over a black and white rug from Well Woven.

  • We hung a $9 cotton American flag that you can find here.

  • And here's the $15 table lamp on the nightstand that's easy for our little one to use. Lamp linked here.

  • PAINT COLOR is Dovetail by Sherwin Williams.

You can shop the boys' Americana room by clicking on the images below.

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Feel free to comment with any questions or reach out to me over on instagram -

Thanks for stopping by! I hope it gave you a little inspiration for some Americana Decor!

- Sarah


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