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Affordable Black Dining Room Chairs (under $200)

My top picks for affordable and cute black dining room chairs! Now which ones to choose for the great room?!

Black chairs + wood dining table = winning combo

Black chairs with a wood dining table have become a common and classic dining room look over the last decade or so and I hope it's not a look that's going anywhere soon (and whether it is or not, I'm sure we can all agree that we should decorate however we want!) ;)! But whether or not it's here to stay, I *think* I've narrowed our dining room chair choice to the the color black for the dining room table in the great room because it's easier than choosing a wood tone with all the wood colors we've got going on out there, haha, AND we already have white chairs around the kitchen table. ;)

The first list of black dining room chairs range from $100-$200 and are all from, believe it or not, Pottery Barn:

The next set of black dining room chairs range from $80 - $200 (just click on picture to be taken to the site):

And lastly, the third set of chairs listed all come in pairs, ranging from $60 - $170 each chair!

Lets look at some examples of this amazing black and wood combo!

Source unknown

*Disclaimer - This post contains affiliate links.

I'm still narrowing down which ones to get and unfortunately a handful of these are out of stock so I'm watching to see when they'll be available!

Which ones are your favorite? I'd love to hear!

Happy Wednesday!


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