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$5 at the Dollar Tree - Simple Ways To Bring the Season Into Your Home for

How to celebrate the holidays with your kiddos by spending $5 on decorations!

Nobody loves celebrating the seasons more than kids (am I right?); and grabbing a handful of items at the Dollar Tree is an easy (and inexpensive) way to have fun with the holiday! Each season you can find a GREAT selection of $1 items for young kids.

These 5 items are perfect for helping your kids get into the spirit of the season this year at the Dollar Tree (Halloween version):

1. Festive Pencils -

A whole pack of pencils is $1. That's right! The girls love doing their first grade and second grade homework with these at their station. And of course drawing cats in capes is fun too!

2. Foam Craft Kit -

I can almost always find these packs year round - for Christmas, Easter/Spring, and Summer too! The girls will have their friends over to make them because 6 come in a pack...such a great deal and even my 4 year old "big guy" thinks these are awesome!

3. Window Clings -

Any age kids love to put window stickers up and they feel like they're decorating! I even enjoy walking into their rooms! ;)

Girls' room -

Boys' room -

4. Door Hangers -

These felt decorations are so cute and also perfect for their bedroom doors!

The girls were super excited about the black cat -

And the boys are all about the vampire on their door!

5. Napkins -

It's been SOOO fun to pull out Halloween napkins for snack time and to throw in the girls' lunchboxes!

The oldest cracking a smile while packing her lunch. Then she exclaimed, "Thanks, Mom!"

And there you have it - some VERY affordable options to bringing kids' holiday decorations into your home. I know they'll appreciate it as much as mine do!

*Most of these items are for sale online but sold in bulk, so your best bet is to pop into your closest Dollar Tree.


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