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10 Coastal Chandeliers under $200 - Affordable Dining Room Lighting

Sharing a handful of summery, beach-inspired lights at great prices and tips for choosing a dining room fixture!

When a sweet friend asked for some help on finding a chandelier for their dining room in the cutesy ocean town of Barrington, RI, I didn’t hesitate to go on the hunt for some very affordable lighting! Coastal style lighting is so cute and works well in traditional, modern, boho, and farmhouse design as well… and can be budget friendly, too!

My friend’s dining room is fairly small at 11’ x 11,’ but she is looking for a light that is still large enough to make a statement. Because she lives in New England and has already chosen window treatments with ocean waves in the pattern, I wasn’t afraid to recommned a COASTAL light fixture for her ;).

*See below at the bottom of this post for the mood board I made of her dining room.*

Simple tips for choosing a dining room light:

  1. look for a fixture that has at least 3 lightbulbs (4-6 bulbs works well even in a small room and of course 6-9 great in a larger room);

  2. make sure you measure and double check the dimensions of the light before purchasing it is really important. The number of reviews I‘ve read after someone has put a light up, complaining that it’s too small, truly amazes me!!! If you’re not sure on the size, hold up a tape measure to see what a the width looks like over your table. If it’s a chandelier, it can hang as low as around 3‘ above the table.

  3. err on the side of getting too large of a fixture rather than too small - because remember, a table underneath it will ground the chandelier... no one will be bumping their head or running into the light in a dining room. This makes dining lights really fun to go all out with.

Here are some great options coming in under $200:

7. 2 light oyster shell chandelier, 23” wide. *note this is only a 2 light but at almost 2 feet wide, it will make a statement and work well in a dining room with multiple windows.*

8. 6 light aged gray wood bead chandelier, 22” *note actual item is darker than it appears in stock photo according to reviews.

Lastly, here is my friend’s coastal dining room mood board where I included a handful of similar items her room already has. And hopefully you can see how all of these fixtures listed above would work well in her 11’x11’ dining room:

And there we have it, friends! I’m glad I could share some wonderful options for affordable coastal lights! As always, I appreciate when you shop through my links as it gives me a small commission at no extra cost to you. Happy Shopping!



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